Bali's Kuta Beach, the heart of the island so people know him and the beautiful beach of Kuta Bali, very well known to foreign countries. Kuta Beach, white sand with waves long and very large parts of the world surfers to test your nerve. Not one of them chose Kuta beach, as the best surfing locations in Bali.

For novice surfers, no need to worry if you want to learn the sport of surfing. Along the beach many rent surf boards with varying prices, depending on the large and the quality of the material. Accompanied by an experienced guide who has always been ready to help break up the surf beach.

So strategic location makes Bali Kuta beach, was never empty of visitors to tour the coast of Bali. The beach was once a traditional fishing village, now turned into a meeting place of people from different countries. Access to the beach is very easy to pass, with motor vehicles. Only 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, two-wheelers and four wheels.

kuta bali

Kuta Bali, the beach is much visited during the holidays